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March Madness at CitiField

I wasn’t officially going to start posting till right before the Mets vs. Red Sox exhibition games next week but since myself and a crew of thirteen other people are heading to the St. John’s game tomorrow (an alma mater of mine), I’m too excited Not to post right now. A couple of things heading into tomorrow:

One, if you’re coming in from Long Island, the Long Island Rail Road WILL be stopping at Citifield although the stop won’t be called that, see this  New York Times article.  When you’re checking the  LIRR schedule  online you still look up Shea Stadium. Although they’ve known about the name change for some time, the update to “Mets/Willets Point” won’t be made on ticketing machines till late May, per Susan McGowan at the LIRR Public Affairs dept., not that I think anyone really cares anyway.

Secondly, if you’re driving in, parking will cost more, it’s up to $18. Which is more than a cost of a ticket to a lot of games especially this St John’s game. Maybe they’ll give people a break on the parking price tomorrow, but somehow I doubt it . Our favorite radio personality Mike Francessa spoke with Mets VP Dave Howard on WFAN last week, who said the full parking lot will not be available till May, but he said they’ll be in better shape than they were for the finale at Shea last year. Dave Howard also mentioned the Mets brought in a new vendor named Impark to manage the parking. I just hope I don’t have to park  a mile away tomorrow at the Hall of Science then pay full price parking to get on a yellow cheese bus to take me to the game, which was the norm for a lot of fans last year.

Even though the Mets aren’t playing tomorrow I almost feel like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting to unwrap that big present. The present being Citifield. I can’t wait to explore the entire ballpark and watch as other fans and my family and  friends do the same for the very first time. Even though most people at the game won’t actually care about the game (if you do, check this link out for more info), it’ll be good to hear the crack of the bat or the ping of the aluminum bat, I should say. And, yes John Franco will be officially throwing out the first pitch at CitiField so hopefully that’s not an ominous sign for K-Rod. I’ll be taking a ton of pictures and giving my review of the ballpark when I get back from the game. Until then, rain or shine we’ll be there. Yes folks, baseball is back in Queens.

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