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Welcome to CitiField

Words in a paragraph or two make it extremely difficult to do justice in describing Citifield. These pictures I took today will do the talking. I must say the stadium is extremely impressive. It is well thought out and laid out, you do have a feeling that no matter where you are in the ballpark you are close to the field.

There is definitely something for everyone from Mr. Mets “Kiddie Field” to the Ceasars Club bar area in the middle excelsior level, which I can tell now will be packed during rain delays. There are a multitude of food options from pizza to sushi to the normal dogs and burgers, although not all were available today. Beer prices remained consistent at $7.50 (yes $7.50, where do you think they get the money to pay Johan from?). The aluminum bottles are no longer given, your can is poured into a cup and given to you. Each seat has it’s own cupholder which is great. I can’t tell you how many beers were spilled at Shea. The seats themselves are slightly bigger than Shea and are all angled toward the field.

As you enter Citifield you no longer hand over your stub to a ticket taker, you actually scan your ticket yourself. I can already tell a lot of people are going to have trouble with scanning it. The staff at Citifield today was extremely courteous from the moment we parked which was pleasant.  I was proven wrong as parking was only $5 today instead of the normal $18, so hats off to the Mets for that.

Oh yeah and there was a game today. In a weird flashback moment to last year, the St. John’s bullpen blew a two run lead in the 7th.  Between all the pictures taken, I would say the majority of the 22,397  there weren’t watching the game too much though. Although the weather was cold and rainy, it was a great time. I think CitiField will be a place you can go to and almost every time have a different experience. Whenever you do get a chance to go to Citifield I would definitely recommend getting there early so you can really experience the entire ballpark. Dare I say the Mets actually got something this big right for a change? I can’t wait till next Friday when the Mets will make their debut at Citifield against the Red Sox. Maybe this new field will help the franchise turn the page on the recent demons that have tormented us all toward a new clutch chapter. Only time will tell…

  1. Robert Simonetti on Sunday 29, 2009

    I have been a Mets fan for 24 years now and the last three years have been the worst for any Mets fan, but are especially bad for me. I was at game seven of the 2006 NLCS were even though it will go down as one of the best baseball games I ever went to, we still lost to the DAMN CARDINALS. I thought that 2006 was our year to go all the way, but I guess I was wrong. I also was at game 162 in 2007 where good old Tom Glavine pitched the worst pitching performance I have ever seen and lost the game for the Mets. That Mets loss put the nail in the coffin for the worst September collapse in baseball history. Last but not least I was at game 162 in 2008 which was a game that the Mets had to win to make the playoffs or at least tie with the Brewers and force a once game playoff and again they lost. That loss made a sad day even worst because they lost the game, did not make the playoffs, and Shea Stadium the stadium I grew up in as a kid was closing its doors. I love the Mets and will root for them for the rest of my life, make sure that my children and their children root for them long after I am gone, but the last three years they have put a bad taste in my mouth that has taken months to get out. Every April brings new hope, a new team, new dreams that we will be playing baseball in October, and hope that a World Series will be coming to Flushing. Lets just hope that the Mets this year do not do what they have done the past three years because if I have another year where the Mets end the season like they have before I don’t know what I will do.

  2. sportastic diva on Sunday 29, 2009

    Great post! Look forward to future posts as the season begins. Love the sushi chef’s uniform picture. I also must mention the lame ass store that Alyssa Milano has ventured out to, Touch. ‘Oh yes, I really need a ruffle blouse that says Mets.’ NO, a dirty old boyfriend tee shirt does just fine, girls. The Caesars Club was awesome! Felt like a club house for the true fans who can’t afford the suites. All in all the day was good though, however, a little pessimism that the Mets didn’t play in their staduim’s opening day. I mean come on!! But I will try and be more optimistic this season.

  3. DomP on Sunday 29, 2009

    Robert, I definitely know how you feel. I was there last year for the last game as well. It was so disheartening but I’ll get into that in a post before the season starts.

    Diva, I have to tell you I was driving this morning listening to Boomer and Carton this morning and guess who they were interviewing? None other than Alyssa Milano, she was promoting a book. Carton ended the interview by asking her if she ever seduced a man wearing nothing but a basebally jersey, her response was Of Course! haha

  4. Freddie on Sunday 29, 2009

    Hey Rob,

    How about you stop going to mets games. Do you realize you have ended there season three years in a row? Come on guy, take one for the team.

  5. Chris Brady on Sunday 29, 2009

    They always talk about these curses, like the Keith Hernandez curse and how the mets seem to collapse each year with 17 games to go. Maybe the real curse is Robert Simonetti. If its the last game of the year, lets all hope as Met fans this guy aint there