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Del-Got it

Make it five in a row now as the Mets took care of the Pirates behind Carlos Delgado’s five RBI’s. The Mets exploded in the 8th inning after the game was tied 2-2. Beltran actually broke the tie with a go ahead single before Delgado’s 3 run bomb. Delgado started the season hot slowed down but has now picked it up big time again. The Mets once again found a way to win. Glad to see them score runs late in a game which seemed like something we rarely ever did last season. The win goes to Bobby Parnell his first of the year, the unsung hero of the bullpen so far. I definitely have to dedicate a post to Bobby soon.

Yes, it was the Pirates tonight, but we saw a nice glimpse into a future rotation member in Jon Niese take care of business. As I said in my prior post, I loved his stuff when he came up last year all be it he was a little rough around the edges but mark my words this kid will have some success in the majors.

The Phillies also won tonight so the Mets remain a half game out of first place. Things are clicking right now, lets hope they keep the foot on the gas and steam roll through this weekend. The birthday boy who turned 28 today, John Maine will go tomorrow against left hander Paul Maholm. Jerry said after the game both Tatis and Sheffield will start against the lefty Saturday afternoon.

I won’t be around tomorrow as I’m heading to our favorite town in Philadelphia for a bachelor party. I’ll actually be at Citizens Bank Ballpark for the Phils Braves game, rooting for the Braves I suppose. I think it’s supposed to rain all day over in Philly so hopefully I can catch the end of the Mets game in McFaddens which is that big bar attached to the ballpark.

PS. Aaron Heilman blew the game tonight for the Cubs against the Brewers giving up a 2 run shot to Ryan Braun. After the game he said, “Walks always hurt you. I put myself in the hole there and tried to get out of it.” Keep trying buddy. Nice guy, but he wasn’t going to survive in New York for another season. Give credit to Omar for convincing the Mariners to take him.

  1. Jimmy the kid on Saturday 9, 2009

    Been a while since I checked out the page Dom, but looks like its coming along nicely. Good work guys !!

    One thing that always gets me is that I have never understood how some fans; Mets fans and rival fans always try to predict when Delgado is done. It doesn’t look like the man is fading or going anywhere. He had one bad yr his whole career after being injured, and people try to use that as some kind of indicator. Yes he is older and is an injury liability, but I think many fans still take him for granted. He slowed down with a hip injury, but looks like he is back and better now.
    Delgado is not the clubhouse leader that the team seems to need or be lacking still, but the younger hitters have learned a lot from this man. ie Murphy, Wright, Reyes. Carlos is a pure hitter and student of the game as well as a class act. Delgado’s effect will still be helping us even when he is long gone. Same with Pedro… As much as people hate to hear it, signing Pedro was what the team needed at the time and bought us credibility. Yes the contract was a little too long, but we needed him badly. That signing helped us attract other key free agents, and recruit/sign talented DR players that looked up to Pedro.

    Heilman is up to his old tricks of magically making the other squad suddenly put up a 5 spot in the late innings and get back into a game that should have been done. I love it !! Doesn’t the ball carry even further in Wrigley as it gets deeper into the summer? Should be fun to watch.

  2. CoachBarnuts on Saturday 9, 2009

    Hey Dom,

    My first time on the website, looking very nice. CITIFIELDSHEAS looking to kick off soon to be for all my fellow hardcore Met fans who are looking to bring more of an atmosphere to Citi Field Ballpark. I am loving the little roll the Mets are currently on, lets just hope this is a sign of good things to come. As “pessimets,” we know though that only time can tell, so we shall be patient and let the baseball gods decide our fate. I have to say I would like to see a post about Citi Field itself, to see what people thing about it. Me personally, I am very upset that with all the technology that goes into engineering and what not that they couldn’t figure out all the damn blind spots that exist in various sections. Every home run hit to left field our hooligan crew in section 530 cannot see!! On a positive not I am getting used to the ballpark and what it has to offer, but as Shea Stadium died so did a piece of me and therefore I am still hating on the CIti Field a bit. The Citi Field Hooligans are heading to their third game of the fifteen package on Tuesday, May 12th so anyone interested in good times, featuring chants, songs, and laughs in the NOSEBLEEDS join us in section 530, where the greatest fans live. Okay Dom, congratulations on your website…once the gets going I will post a link to your site. Lets keep the hope alive that this little roll we are on right now will continue to snowball into bigger and better things. Alright fellow die hard met fans….let us all unite and bring the passion that used to exist at SHEA…..back to this new ballpark…Good luck again Dom, and all “PessiMets” in this 2009 baseball season. Peace Out….