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Welcome back to Reality

After winning the first three games of this road trip the Mets have now lost three in a row after last night’s 5-3 loss to the Dodgers. We were just starting to feel real good about this team but you know the inevitable was coming. This offense has not hit a home run in 60 innings, without Delgado it’s not going to get any better. Though the offense was clicking, Beltran and Wright cannot be hot forever. It will be very interesting to see what Omar does at the trading deadline. Does he go for a top flight pitcher and go with a deadly 1-2 pitching attack like the Diamondbacks did when they won? Or does Omar go for a big bat and try to win like the Angels did, solid offense, decent starting pitching and a superb bullpen? Either formula could work. I personally believe in pitching, although we’ll see what Delgado can give us when he returns.

Bottom line though, it’s looking like it’s going to come back down to September once again. And it’s going to be the Mets and Phillies. That’s why I plan on making a post called  “Games We Should Have Won”. I’ll update it throughout the year and keep it in the featured news section. I really hope we don’t have to look back on that list in September with painful remorse.

  1. Freddie on Wednesday 20, 2009

    u should also do games we shoudl have lost becasue the mets surprise u sometimes and come back and win like they did the other night against lincenum. But than less than 72 hours later as excited as I was after that game I was just as devastated in Mondays game. I dont know if other teams go through what we do as fans because I dont watch every team every day, but it sure seems that way.

    This team is poorly managed from ownership to groundscrew. Why are Angel Pagan, ramon martinez, jeremy reed playing what seems like everyday? Go get a bat Minaya, dont wait around and play 485 ball until delgado comes back. Even if he comes back, how good will he be?

  2. SchepFest on Wednesday 20, 2009

    I agree with Freddie for once! I think it’s been obvious over these few games that we’re lacking hitting… especially power. The errors and other bonehead mistakes will have to fix themselves, but Delgado’s bat out of the lineup is irreplaceable on the current roster. Even the rumored mediocre 1st basemen that might be available would be an upgrade… Huff, Nick Johnson, etc. We need to get Reed, Pagan and Martinez out of the lineup and rotate Church, Sheff, Murphy and a newly signed 1B… otherwise, i’m not feeling too good about this team.