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Who’s on First?

Well it looks like Jerry Manuel has had a enough of Daniel Murphy’s problems in left field and has started him tonight at first base.  I figured that this was going to happen sooner or later because Murphy was spotted taking grounders at first base a couple of weeks ago.  I still think Murphy is going to play left field but I guess Manuel wants to take a look at Murphy at first base.  In my eyes this looks like a good idea on Manuel’s part because he is going to keep Murphy’s left handed bat in the line up tonight against Jeff Weaver.  Who knows how long Murphy will be at first base.  We will just have to wait and see how Manuel sets his line up for the rest of this road trip and the upcoming home stand.


According to Jerry Manuel told reporters he will no longer use Daniel Murphy in the outfield.  This is big news for Mets fans because this is letting everyone know that Manuel no longer trusts Murphy in the outfield.  Manuel to me contradicted himself tonight saying that he will no longer play Murphy in the outfield because all along he has been preaching to the media that Murphy is his leftfielder.  There is no turning back now for the Mets skipper.

  1. DomP on Wednesday 20, 2009

    Well Jerry finally woke up, I mean why play an outfielder in Jeremy Reed in the infield when you have an infielder in Murphy playing the outfield? I can only assume that Murphy will be better at picking up grounders than he is at picking up fly balls

  2. BIG PARTY on Wednesday 20, 2009

    No surprises tonight. We lost AGAIN … The REAL sucky part of all these injuries is Alex Cora getting hurt. We saw how gritty we were without Delgodo and STUPID (aka Reyes). Also its too bad that we won’t see Reyes strikeout while swinging for the fences (awwww shux!) The Castillo Cora combo atop the lineup was working and energized the Beltran Wright combo . All Reyes-lovers can continue to hop in his dick and peddle his ballz! Let’s see what becomes of this CLOWN (some STILL consider him a “kid”).