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Q&A with Matt Cerrone Part 2

Here’s the second installment of my Q&A with the legendary Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog:

Dominic Pinto, Pessimets:You may have already posted a response like this on MetsBlog, but what’s a typical day like in the life of Matt Cerrone these days?

Matt Cerrone, MetsBlog: I get up at 6:20 am, make coffee, and start reading e-mails, text messages,organizing news for posts, and I begin blogging.  I will take the train to SNY if need be, otherwise I work from home.  I may go to Citi Field around 3pm, from which I’ll blog from the phone.  Otherwise, I’m tethered to the laptop in some location, keeping tabs on talk radio, other blogs, my e-mail, etc., while brainstorming ideas, developing other elements of the blog, talking with people in the game, and writing.

Dom: When’s the busiest time of year for you? Before the season or the trading deadline?

Matt: The busiest time is easily either the trade deadline or the WinterMeetings.  It can literally be 24 hours of blogging in some cases.  I typicially sleep for a few hours, blog for a few hours, nap, blog, make calls, listen, and so on.  It’s crazy, but so much fun.

Dom: What’s been the best and worst part of running MetsBlog?

Matt: The best part is having an outlet to vent and think and get feedback from fans and people with the team.  The worst part is looking ‘behind the curtain,’ so to speak.  I love being a fan, and do my best to keep myself away from situations that can change that dynamic.

Dom: Are there any specific post or series of posts you’re most proud of?  Were there any posts that were very influential on something the Mets actually did after reading MetsBlog?

Matt: I have no idea if my blog has influence.  It may, but I have no clue, and even if it did I would never know – nor do I care to know.  Seriously.  I find it best to just do like I have always done, write like I’m keeping a journal with just one person reading.

Dom: Favorite met of all time, favorite current met.

Matt: Darryl Strawberry was my favorite player growing up.  But, as I got older, it was Keith Hernandez, because his iconic status sort of transcended baseball.  Today, I like Reyes and Wright and find it very easy to root for Daniel Murphy, but it’s tough to say.  I mean, Santana is amazing, and when he’s pitching he’s my favorite.  Here’s the truth, the one jersey I own hasno name on it, just Mets on the front, because I think that says it all. I’m a Mets fan first.

Dom: Best advice for a new Metblogger like myself.

Matt: Be yourself.  Don’t try to be like other bloggers, or beat writers.  Write, listen to your work, find your voice, and be who you are.  You can’t trick people in to liking your work.

If you missed Part 1 of this Q&A, check out the Featured News section on the home page or click here. Once again a big thank you to Matt Cerrone for taking the time out to do this Q&A. With the magnitude of where MetsBlog is and as busy as he is he didn’t have to take the time out to do it, but he did. It is greatly appreciated by myself and all Pessimets readers. Check out the post Matt Cerrone made regarding this Q&A here.

  1. Dominic Pinto on Thursday 28, 2009

    Here’s the link to Cerrone’s post on MetsBlog of our Q&A session.

  2. OH MURPH on Thursday 28, 2009

    Great interview.. very inspiring for a mets blogger just starting out like myself
    thanks guys!

    Craig Kesten