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Don’t let the door hit you on the ass, Tom
As a Met fan I have zero love for Tom Glavine, but I was pretty surprised to see the Not Braves dump the future Hall of Famer just as he was ready to attempt a comeback. This move, combined with the Smoltz situation, has to have Braves fans seriously upset at their team. Oh wait, I forgot- nobody in Atlanta cares about the Braves! Smoltz however, was reportedly upset when he heard the news about his former teammate: “That’s not how you treat people…that ain’t right. He didn’t have a chance to fail at (the big-league) level, if that was the issue or concern. It’s just not how you go about it.” Braves Clubhouse leader and all-around terrible human being Larry Jones disagreed somewhat: “optimistically, looking into the future, it’s a step in the right direction.” Your Old Yeller moment will come too Larry,  just you wait.  Personally I don’t think Glavine would have contributed much to the Braves, so this might not be a terrible choice by Atlanta to save a buck.  But even still I would not be shocked to see Glavine land a rotation spot elsewhere, and he might just prove us all wrong by pitching his face off out of spite. Which is exactly what I’m expecting from Smoltz, by the way. Releasing these two was probably a smart long term move for Atlanta, but these guys were cornerstones of that franchise for so long that it’s a little surprising to see how the organization handled it. As always though, money talks.

The Braves also traded three prospects in exchange for Pirates All-Star Centerfielder Nate McLouth. I like this move for the Braves. Which means as a Met fan I’m not thrilled, of course. McLouth is pretty nice and I’d rather not have him the division. He won an NL outfield Gold Glove in ’08, had 23 stolen bases and has the best stolen base percentage (64 of 69) in the bigs since ’05.  If that’s not enough,  he works cheap (relatively speaking): “McLouth is under contract through at least 2011, having signed a three-year, $15.75 contract in spring training. The deal includes a team option for a fourth year at $10.65 million, with a $1.25 million buyout.”

And last, but not least, the Braves called up uber pitching prospect Tommy Hanson, who will start Saturday. Hanson has been hyped to the sky, and has dominated hitters at AAA, so Met fans should watch his debut closely. If this guy is for real, we’ll be hating him for years.

Overall it looks like the Braves felt strongly that they needed to get younger, and I expect that these moves will benefit them both in the short and long term. Is it a three way race in the NL East? We’ll see.

  1. Freddie on Thursday 4, 2009

    I was watching the Braves amd the cubs last night, and the Braves commentator said the Mets could be a destination, if so, D battery night will every night glavine pitches at citi.

  2. Dominic Pinto on Thursday 4, 2009

    lol I see Omar going after Pedro before he goes after Glavine but you never know…I think theres still too many bad vibes from september 2007 there for him to ever come back i dont think he ever really liked it here either

  3. Negative Ned on Thursday 4, 2009

    I honestly don’t know if I could watch a Met game if Tom Glavine was pitching. I don’t like to boo my own team, and there’s no way I would not boo Glavine every single time he set foot on the field.