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Dull Razor

Numerous times this season Razor Shines has cost us runs by sending runners that no one in their right mind would send. Friday night, he sent Jeff Francoeur home in the 7th with Hunter Pence playing very shallow, if Francoeur scored it would have been the tying run. Francoeur was out by a mile.

So Who is Razor Shines?

Razor Shines currently is the third-base coach of the New York Mets. I did not know this until recently, and thought that was Marquis Deon Grissom along the Mets third-base line!

I was obviously very interested to learn more about Razor, his name, and his knowledge of the game. As I dug deeper into Razor’s history, it turns out he’s been involved in baseball for a very long time. He has spent sixteen seasons in the minor leagues, where his teammate was Jerry Manuel in Triple-A Indianapolis. He managed the enemy Phillies Single-A team in Clearwater, Florida this past season after serving the previous year as a third base coach for the White Sox. So he definitely has the experience.

It is interesting to find his connection with Jerry Manuel too, in which Razor states, “Obviously being a part of Jerry’s staff means a lot to me,” Shines said. “He’s an outstanding baseball man. A lot of things I’ve learned came from his teachings.”

As for coaching third, Shines added: “It’s a position I enjoy. Obviously as a minor-league manager you have to do that position. I’ve been there for a while – not on a stage like New York, but I don’t foresee any problems.”

But what really got me was his name. I found this out from a local newspaper sports section:
“Razor’s a family name. My grandfather was a Razor. He gave that name to my father and he gave it to me. My son’s middle name is Razor. When my son has a boy, if he doesn’t want to name him Razor, well, that’s fine, but I wasn’t going to be the one who stopped it.”

So there are multiple Razor’s! Well hopefully his usefulness as the Mets third-base coach will be as sharp as a razor this season, unfortunately this season it’s been quite dull.’s Matthew Cerrone also had an interview and video with Razor.

  1. Dominic Pinto on Saturday 25, 2009

    Yeah Razor is a great hype guy but as far as 3rd base coaches I will take Manny Acta back any day of the week