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Losing an Ace?

So Jenrry Mejia will be on the 2010 Opening day roster for the Mets, out of the bullpen. At the age 20 he was the Mets top pitching prospect. He has been dominant in Spring training and the Mets have decided to send him north in the bullpen rather than let him develop in the minors as a starting pitcher.

Now, this means one of two things,

1.) The Mets feel Jenrry Mejia doesn’t really have much potential as starting pitcher in the majors and therefore can be groomed as a bullpen pitcher or. . .

2.) The Mets are in desperation mode with lack of quality of arms in the bullpen. With Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel’s job’s on the line, both decided to push the envelope with the 20 year old Mejia rather than let him develop.

I believe the latter is the case with the Mets. I mean, look at Ike Davis and Fernando Martinez both of them also had amazing spring trainings but because the Mets have other options at those positions the Mets can say they need to let them develop in the minors.

I seriously believe we are ruining the Mejia’s future as a starting pitcher by sending him to the bullpen now. How many pitchers in recent day have gone from relievers to top notch starters? David Price is a work in progress, Francisco Liriano blew out his arm, Joba Chamberlain is a classic example of what the Mets shouldn’t do!


Well the Mets are already down the path, there’s no turning back now. Can you really yank Mejia back to the minorsĀ  later in the season and turn him into a starter again? Maybe, but that means his performance in the majors was sub par and you’ve already ruined his confidence. I sincerely hope Mejia is amazing for the whole year and next season we turn him back into starter and he’s just as dominant later. We all know a starter is worth more than a reliever.

Did we learn anything with Bobby Parnell last season??? Parnell didn’t even make the team this year after being dominant in the first half.

All in all, another bad move by the Mets. Yes, he might be the best option right now and I understand the need to sell tickets and provide some excitement and the pressure Omar and Jerry are feeling, but don’t do it at the risk of ruining a 20 year old’s future baseball career, I hope it’s not too late.

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