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Mets Wake Up

The Mets finally woke up and removed Oliver Perez from the rotation putting him in the bullpen. In addition, the Mets moved Jose Reyes back to the leadoff spot, putting Angel Pagan in the third spot for now.

Finally what we’ve been calling for. Oliver Perez has been the biggest Met bust in recent history. I doubt he’ll pitch any better in the pen but at least we can limit his damage there.

Reyes struggled mightily in the three hole. Who knows if he was over thinking things or not. I think eventually Reyes can still be a three hitter but not right now apparently. I don’t love Pagan in the three spot, would honestly prefer Ike there.

Regarding his return to the leadoff spot, Reyes told reporters:  It feels like I’m going home to see my family.

  1. Jimmy the Kid on Saturday 15, 2010

    Great, lets look at doing something with Maine now as well. he is averaging under 5 innings a start. Promote Takahashi or Dickey to a starter, and trade for Oswalt. Send Maine to the pen.

  2. Quack on Saturday 15, 2010

    GLAD THEY WOKE UP! I”m impressed with Pelfry, good job!