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Pelfrey and Jim Palmer

As Mike Pelfrey takes the mound this afternoon against the Orioles looking for his 9th win on the year, I couldn’t help but think back to Mike’s up and down season last year.

Last season, Pelfrey also faced the Orioles, he won that game against Jeremy Guthrie going 5 2/3 allowing only a two run homer to Nick Markakis. The homer came on Pelfrey’s third best pitch, a changeup. Former Oriole pitcher Jim Palmer thought Pelfrey could have done better.

After the game last year the Hall of Fame Pitcher and Orioles broadcaster approached Pelfrey and gave him some advice.

“The guy is very, very approachable,” Pelfrey said. “He was a pretty good guy to come and talk to me. You always try to get insight, and that guy definitely knows what he’s talking about.”

Mike recalled what Palmer had told him,

“He said he read that I thought I should have gone seven [innings]. He said I might have gone nine. He talked about some things I did that maybe next time I could get away from. He said remember what my best pitch is. Don’t get beat up on your third or fourth pitch, which the changeup was.”

This season, Pelfrey seems to be using his bread and butter pitches much more effectively and he’s not getting beat often at all. I thought it was interesting that a former pitcher for a team that you’re trying to beat was nice of enough to reach out to Big Pelf last season. I guess Palmer saw the potential in Pelfrey last season that we were all hoping would come to fruition as it has this season.

Before they met last year Pelfrey said he only recognized him from the Jockey ads Palmer appeared in for many years.


“I don’t know his stats,” Pelfrey said. “I just knew he was really good.”

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