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The End of an Error

Thinking back to 2005 and the year or so that followed, I distinctly remember saying to myself we have finally arrived. This time there would be no turning back, the Mets are now perennial contenders! I remember thinking this is it, we’re like the Yankees now. We make big moves, we’re in contention every year, we have a steady manager and we have a young and talented nucleus. Ahh, THE FUTURE WAS SO BRIGHT. . .


Fast forward to Sunday October 3rd 2010. A mere five years has passed since those wonderful thoughts went through the minds of many a Met fan. And now the future couldn’t look more dismal. It was quite fitting on this last day of Omar Minaya’s tenure as GM and Jerry Manuel as skipper that Oliver Perez would be the pitcher to lose the game, of course by hitting a batter and walking three straight. You couldn’t have planned that any better. Right now, there is no plan in sight, drama around every corner, a useless owner and a terribly underachieving, disappointing team.

So when did it all go wrong?

I mean it was just four years the Mets were one hit from the World Series, just two years ago one win from the playoffs. That seems like such a  long time ago now, doesn’t it? Two miserable and mediocre years will do that to a fan. We had been burnt by 2007 and 2008, severely beaten(literally) in 2009 and finally now I think most of us have thrown our hands in the air and given up in 2010, yes I’m waving the white flag. No more misery, please.

Don’t get me wrong I’m still a Met fan for the rest of my life. But, at least for the next few years, we won’t go into the season thinking playoffs are even a possibility, at least we shouldn’t. Not until we get back to that promise land of the post-season, will I allow hope and happiness to crawl back into this Pessimet’s head. After the caught looking in 2006, the destructive endings to 2007 and 2008, the injury filled year of 2009 and the mediocre and disappointing 2010. Not to mention Tony Bernazard, firing of Willie Randolph at 3am and countlessly other mishandled moves it’s easy to understand a Mets fans reluctancy to get our hopes up for the future. 

Fool me once shame on you, fool me four straight years after that and I’m just a moron.

Well, it will soon be time to begin a new chapter for the franchise. Gone will be Omar, gone will be Jerry Manuel.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Omar did a pretty good job of restoring this franchise to respectability and contention. Signing Pedro and Beltran was amazing, acquiring Johan for next to nothing was genius. The peak of the Omar era was clearly the Endy Chavez catch in the 2006 NLCS Game 7. I remember him making that catch and thinking, yes we’re going to score some runs, World Series here we come.

Ever since that Endy catch the team has gone down hill.


Omar, I thought, did well for the most part, but under his guidance the organziation lacked the forward thinking approach that was desperately needed. It was always patch up a hole in the off season but never address any major problems in season. I’m not sure how much flexibility Omar was given in the last couple of years but the Ollie P and Castillo contracts sure didn’t help.

In any organization it starts at the top with the ownership. Unfortunately, that probably won’t be changing any time soon for the Mets. I don’t have the answer as to who the next GM should be. I’m hoping who ever is chosen is given full control with ample spending opportunity. I’m praying Ollie P and Luis Castillo are no longer on this team next season.

It’s going to take A LOT for the organization to regain the fans trust and take A LOT more for them to get the fans back in the ball park. Even if they do well for a half a season, I’m not going to be in any rush to buy tickets because I’ve been so badly burned in recent years.

There is some hope in the future with Mejia, Ike and Niese but I’m afraid by the time they become dominant we’ll have the same problems with a different cast. Time to close the book folks on one very dissapointing chapter in Mets history, ladies and gentlemen the Omar Minaya era is officially over, let’s pray for a better tomorrow!

  1. Patrick on Sunday 3, 2010

    That was a very well written article Dom.