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Happy Dad’s Day!

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted regularly here on and for good reason, my life has changed significantly for the better since the season has started. My wife and I had a beautiful baby girl. It’s been truly amazing and I am thankful everyday to have them in my life.

You really do put baseball into perspective once you have a family of your own. A Met loss or win doesn’t mean nearly as much to me as it used to and it’s not just because the team isn’t very good, although that’s part of it, but it’s because you realize your responsibility as a father and husband is so much higher a priority than anything else in life.

Don’t get me wrong, amidst the chaos that can be parenthood at times, it’s always good to have the constant of baseball. Having the game on in the background can sometimes bring a little sanity back into your life.

I will be in attendance for today’s game at 1:10p with my amazing wife, who got bought us tickets for Father’s day, and my beautiful 2 month old daughter, Zahra. It will be little Zahra’s first Mets game ever, so I’m really hoping Niese can come through and the Mets get back to .500 once again. I’m also hoping Zahra becomes a Met fan when she’s actually old enough to choose a team to root for, after all there are many positives to raising your child to be a Mets fan:


10.) Early training to become a lawyer later in life (reading Madoff files)

9.) Teach kids just how hard it is to hit a major league home run (since Mets don’t hit any)

8.) Baby can easily become a doctor later after studying all of the Met injuries of players on the DL

7.) Learn a foreign language with “Professor” Reyes

6.) Learn how to save money and be thrifty just like Uncle Fred Wilpon

5.) At least tickets will always be cheaper than the Yankees

4.) Mr. Met does children’s birthday parties in his spare time

3.) Just say No to Drugs. Teach your children the lessons of Daryl and Doc at an early age

2.) By the time your kids are old enough to have kids the Mets may actually be good again

and the number one reason to raise your child as a Mets fan . . .

1.) Builds toughness and character. Teach kids at an early age LIFE IS FULL OF DISAPPOINTMENTS! You can’t win ‘em all!! : )

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY  to all the Father’s and future Father’s out there, especially to my dad Stan and father in law Sanjiv, thanks for everything!!

  1. Jimmy the Kid on Saturday 18, 2011

    Good list. I hope that you had a happy Father’s Day !

    Kids can always learn what not to do in a little league game by watching the Mets do it in MLB.

    Like how to not call each other off when there is a fly ball.

    For instance: Injure your slugging first baseman, when he and your all star third baseman collide.