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Scott Boras wants Jose Reyes

UPDATE: David Lennon of Newsday tweeted that Jose Reyes will be staying with Peter Greenberg his current agent and not switching to Scott Boras. Lennon continues to say don’t think he’s coming with for  a discount without Boras.

I think Reyes is definitely going to cash in this off season, but the chances of him leaving would have increased big time if Boras was his agent. Let’s hope the Mets can re-sign him.

Jose Reyes is an extremely hot commodity these days, on and off the field. According to Ken Rosenthal of super agent Scott Boras is speaking with Reyes about becoming his representative.

Reyes’ current agent is Peter Greenberg. Another prominent Greenberg client, reliever Rafael Soriano, switched to Boras shortly before becoming a free agent last season and got big bucks on the open market.

Ugh, if Reyes gets with Boras the chances of him remaining a Met get smaller in my opinion. Simply because the Mets are broke and they’re being held to a much tighter budget than in years past I doubt they’d really willing to negotiate as much if he’s on the open market.

My guess Sandy already has some numbers in mind, and a breaking point number that he won’t/can’t go past.

How hard would it be to Jose Reyes in a uniform other than the Mets? Seeing him flying around the bases going for a triple? Or high fiving and pumping up his teammates? I don’t even want to think about it right now.

To me if you let Reyes go, you might as well tear down the entire team. Reyes is the type of player you build a franchise around and if you have him, you have to find a way to keep him.

I guess hindsight is 20/20 but Sandy should have made signing Reyes a priority when he got on board. As much as we kill Omar, you know Omar would have signed Jose in the offseason as he did in the past. Instead Sandy took the wait and see approach. I can’t kill Sandy for that because Jose was coming off and injury but what’s the upside in waiting really?

If you had signed him in the offseason you probably would have got him at a more reasonable price, thus allowing him to be an even bigger trade chip if you wanted to deal him later, since he’d be under contract. The risk of course is that he stayed injured, but he’s only 28 now and I believe just entering the prime of his career.

While I’m hoping beyond hope the Mets keep one of my favorite Mets of all time, I think as much as it hurts we all have to really start prepping ourselves to see Jose in another uniform next season.

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