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HAIRston beats the Beard

Nice win for the Mets last night in San Francisco. Scott Hairston came through in 9th inning with a solo home run to break a 2-2 tie and put the Mets ahead for good.


I’m not exactly sure how this team is doing it right now but they’re winning ball games. I keep waiting for them to hit that big skid again but it hasn’t happened in a while now. I will be very very impressed if they go 4-3 while facing these 7 straight all-star pitchers, so far they are 1-1, realistically I hope for 3-4, let’s see what happens.

Today it will be Chris Capuano vs. The Freak Tim Lincecum. Lincecum has not been as dominant so far this season as in years past but he’s still been very solid with a ton of Ks. Shout out to my family in San Francisco who will be at the game today. I believe my sister in law Kanika will be rocking her Pessimets lady tee out in AT&T park. Let’s Go Mets!

  1. MLB Ballparks on Saturday 9, 2011

    Such a beautiful ballpark in San Francisco. Can’t wait to visit.