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Frank Fiasco Does it Again

For the 2nd time in 3 games Frank Francisco melted down in the 9th inning costing the Mets 2 games in what should have been another sweep of the Marlins. Francisco totally imploded going after the umpire as well. Remember when he tossed a chair into the stands in Texas? The guy’s a head case.

At this point Francisco MUST get pulled from closer responsibilities. I wouldn’t mind seeing Rauch take the role but I would really like to see Bobby Parnell take it. I think Parnell has matured a bit from the last few years and he might be ready to take the next step as a closer. Let’s see what Terry does but I’m sure a change will be made shortly.

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  1. Mike Honcho on Sunday 13, 2012

    I would go with Rauch. He has a total closer mentality and the experience. Dude is an intimidating 6’10 bad ass with tats and an I don’t give a F attitude. He has been pretty stellar so far and is pitching like he wants to prove himself. His WHIP is close to 1.000. Let Parnell set up and let Francisco pitch mop up in order to learn him something. Parnell has a good ERA, but I would stress the mentality and veteran composure of Rauch. The Mets could have gone 6-0 on a road trip but/for Francisco. They can’t experiment with Parnell right now, and need to go with the vet.