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The Precipice of Excitement

Something is brewing in Flushing, it is slowly building after a roller coaster of a season thus far. That something is optimism. Powered by their young pitching arms Mets fans have reason to believe things are starting to turn a corner, well maybe.

While the team’s pitching has been dominant their offense has been equally pathetic. Yes we can blame injuries but the offense was beyond futile and it has been costing them a potential playoff spot this season. Yet with all injuries and offensive woes the Mets sit just one game out of first place in the National League East. Here’s where GM Sandy Alderson come s in.

I’ve liked the moves Sandy has made so far acquiring Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe from the Braves and Tyler Clippard from the A’s. Clippard will replace the assinine Mejia in the bullpen and provide additional insurance for the young closer Familia. Johnson and Uribe are solid veterans for utility and bench roles, but to really jump start this season Sandy needs to add a power Outfield bat. And as much as I love him, no we don’t need Jose Reyes back.

Gerardo Parra, Jay Bruce, Justin Upton, Jay Bruce, Carlos Gonzalez or the dream acquisition of Yoenis Cespedes. One of these players needs to be on the Mets this season to give the team the offensive boost it deserves. And the offense the fans deserves.  I’d be willing to deal anyone not named Harvey, deGrom, Syndergaard, Matz. or Conforto I would definitely consider dealing Wheeler in the right deal, plus Brandon Nimmo should be on the table.

The division is there for the taking, the Mets are ONE GAME out of FIRST PLACE on July 29th! Make it happen Sandy, make it happen so we can all excited for Mets baseball again!

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